There are over a hundred clays that are availible to us that we regulary use and order. In the studio we hold upto 10 different types of clay, stoneware down to the finest porclein, that are ready for daily use.






We have four electric kilns that fire systematically at the end of every day one kiln will be reloaded and the other unloaded. This way we have a quick turn over of work.


Glazes and slips are bought and made up ourselves matt to gloss, which cater to all the clay types we provide.


We carry out tests regulary for those experiementing on new kinds of glazes and clays.






All has access equiptment and tools, and may recieve one to one tutition on how to use them. We have a variety of wheels, there are six that comfortably fit in the studio. Which cater to different styles of working such as left- handed or right, high or low. There is a full range of tools for throwing or hand building, exstruders, slab rollers, moulds and equiptment for slip casting. We supply all the tools one may need throughout your working process. 

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